Humans and animals increasingly share virulent viruses due to loss of green belts, global warming and poverty, raising the risk of highly disruptive pandemics.

Wild or domestic animals. Lab accidents. Bioterror. We can’t easily predict where or how the next disease outbreak will occur. But we know this much: It’s coming. It may already be here. Every day, countless pathogens are mutating and evolving. At any time, one of them could spark a new outbreak. Undetected, new viruses can spread like wildfire. When an outbreak occurs, every minute matters, and every source of spread must be contained.

Leaping from animal to human, country to country, uncontained epidemics can quickly become pandemics—triggering a disastrous global chain of events. Recent epidemics of  Zika, Ebola, bird flu, and SARS have cost the world untold human suffering and over a trillion dollars. They have also brought us to a crossroads. Down one road, an age of rampant epidemics. Down the other, a world without pandemics.

We have a head start down the road to ending pandemics. SGTF invests in a portfolio of innovative approaches to find, verify, and report disease outbreaks faster. We have a growing presence around the globe with in-country, teams of local experts leading technology-driven programs, cross-sector partnerships, and direct community engagement.

No single person can bring an end to pandemics. We need the combined efforts of tech leaders, top scientists, philanthropists, corporations and governments. Together, we will end pandemics in our lifetime.

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