Global temperatures are rising primarily due to human activities. We need to rapidly move to a low-carbon economy to meet this challenge.

Climate change jeopardizes human security and well being. The global warming trend we are currently experiencing differs alarmingly from past changes in the Earth’s climate. This warming is largely driven by human activities such as the burning of fossil fuels, industrial food production, and clearing of forests, which release heat-trapping gases.

The effects of rising temperatures and shifting precipitation patterns are already being felt across the globe and the risks are increasing every year. Tackling climate change will require both aggressive action to reduce emissions and building resilience to the climate variability already locked in due to past emissions. Renewable technologies, combined with energy efficiency and other shifts to a low-carbon economy, will be key to meeting the climate challenge. The Climate Advocacy Lab promotes an evidence-based approach to advocacy in support of constructive climate and clean energy policies.