Recap: Reinventing Nuclear Security Session on Technologies


The recent kickoff session of the new Reinventors Network series on rethinking nuclear security we’re helping support through N Square has now been summarized in an 11-minute recap video.  The session focuses on the potential for novel application of technology to solve nuclear security challenges. Some really interesting insights from a great lineup of futurists and technologists:

Paula Saffo, Technology forecaster, Professor at Stanford University & Futures Track Chair at Singularity University
Reese Jones, Associate Founder at Singularity University; longtime venture strategist
John Perry Barlow, Co-Founder in General & Peripheral Visionary
Greg Petroff, Chief Experience Officer at GE Software
Sean Gourley, Co-Founder & CTO at Quid
Brie Linkenhoker, Director of Worldview Stanford at Stanford University
Erika Gregory, Director of N Square & Host of the Reinvent Nuclear Security series

Watch it here.

Reinventing Nuclear Security


The Skoll Global Threats Fund is supporting the upcoming Reinvent Nuclear Security series of virtual roundtables. This is being driven by N Square, a new collaborative that we’ve helped stand up with the Hewlett and MacArthur Foundations, the Carnegie Corporation, and the Ploughshares Fund, aimed at encouraging new ideas and bringing new players into the nuclear security arena.

Almost 70 years after Hiroshima, the world has managed to avoid nuclear war, but we are far from being out of danger of a nuclear explosion. Despite progress in disarmament since the end of the Cold War, the world still has an estimated 17,000 nuclear bombs.

The Reinvent Nuclear Security series aims to answer the question: How can 21st-century innovation greatly accelerate progress toward the eventual eradication of nuclear weapons while significantly reducing nuclear risk today? Here’s an intro video featuring Valerie Plame, a former CIA agent who worked closely on nuclear issues:

Our first roundtable in the series, Possible Game-Changing Technologies, is scheduled for Jan 20, 2015, at 11:00 am PT. You can get more information on the session here or RSVP on the Google+ event page, here.  I’ll be participating, as will some really interesting folks from the technology world. We hope you join the conversation!

For more information about this series, please visit the series landing page here.


Flu Near You Data Challenge


Since 2011, Flu Near You, a collaboration between the American Public Health Association, HealthMap of Boston Children’s Hospital, and the Skoll Global Threats Fund, has collected weekly reports of influenza-like illness symptoms from volunteers in the United States and Canada. With well over 100,000 user registrations and recently surpassing 1,000,000 total reports, we’ve shown that we really can put the public back into public health.


Now that Flu Near You has demonstrated its current value and future potential as a public health surveillance tool, we’d like to engage researchers, data scientists, statisticians, epidemiologists and others in answering a fundamental question that will guide our continued development of Flu Near You – how many volunteer reports do we need to meet our public health surveillance goals? We’ve worked with Innocentive to develop a challenge to solicit a wide variety of ideas and approaches to answering this question. We would encourage you to take a look here and share widely within your networks.



Ebola: What Should We Do Now?


Dr. Larry Brilliant, our senior advisor and former president who was a key player in smallpox eradication, writes in the Wall Street Journal about what we should do about Ebola and future infectious disease threats. Better detection, new diagnostics, applying new technologies to proven practices like containment, and better cross-border regional collaboration are all important areas where progress in being made, but needs to be accelerated. Read the article here.

Scott Field


Scott Field, a friend and colleague, sadly passed away last weekend in a hiking accident in the French Alps. Scott had recently left the Skoll Global Threats Fund to take up a position in the UN Office of the Special Envoy for Syria, and was temporarily in Geneva waiting for paperwork to allow his move to Damascus. Scott was deeply committed to working toward peace in the Middle East, and his dedication and insights will be sorely missed. Our condolences go out to all the friends around the world who were lucky enough to know Scott, as well as his family in Australia.




News from the Skoll Global Threats Fund

A note from our Chairman and Founder, Jeff Skoll:

My friend and colleague, Larry Brilliant, is retiring from the Skoll Global Threats Fund in January 2015, having helped conceptualize and launch the organization five years ago. I could have picked no one better to get this important effort off the ground. As President since inception, Larry leaves behind a strong team and innovative approaches to addressing some of the world’s most urgent global problems. Larry will continue to contribute his energy and ideas in a different capacity, transitioning into a role as Senior Advisor to me, where he will help me as I build the Jeff Skoll Group. He will also continue to serve as an important advisor to the Skoll Global Threats Fund.

As the organization moves into its next phase, I am pleased to announce that Annie Maxwell, Chief Operating Officer over the last four years, will take over as President. With experience in government, international civil society, and the NGO sector, Annie brings to the role a nuanced understanding of the ways in which organizations work, as well as a capacity to build the networks that are critical for success against the global threats the world is facing. She has worked closely with Larry over the last four years, leading strategy refinement, building a world-class team, and creating an effective organization. She is the ideal person to help the Skoll Global Threats Fund evolve to the next stage. The Board of Directors very much looks forward to working with Annie going forward.



Wired UK Features Larry Brilliant and Our Pandemics Work

Wired UK has published an in-depth profile of our president, Larry Brilliant, and the pandemics work here at the Skoll Global Threats Fund.  It’s a nice look both at Larry’s history in the public health arena, as well as our current efforts to head off pandemics.  You can read it here.



Encouraging New Ideas in the Nuclear Sphere

We, together with the Hewlett Foundation, Carnegie Corporation, MacArthur Foundation, and Ploughshares Fund, are putting in motion a new effort to bring positive disruption to the arena of nuclear security. We five funders share common goals of increasing nuclear security and decreasing risks from nuclear weapons. We believe that, to achieve these goals, we need to drive more attention to the issue and surface ideas that can gain traction in today’s crowded policy space. This new initiative is aimed at exploring ways to bring new players and new ideas into the nuclear sphere. The nuclear security community today is effective, but new ideas and partners could help us become even more effective.  Advances in sectors like data, mobile communications and technology are opening new avenues for tackling complex issues like climate, infectious disease and shared resource use. We believe cross-fertilization from these fields could lead to advances in the nuclear sphere as well. The group is looking to hire an initiative lead who’ll help design the initiative and be the driving force behind this pilot. You can read the position description and how to apply here.


Flu Near You Featured on NBC Nightly News

NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams had a segment on flu tonight, with nice props for Flu Near You.  Watch it here.

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Jeff Skoll on the Colbert Report

Jeff Skoll appeared on the Colbert Report to talk about his film work and social change.  You can watch it here.