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Outreach Coordinator, Climate Advocacy Lab

  • Outreach Coordinator, Climate Advocacy Lab
    The Skoll Global Threats Fund seeks an Outreach Coordinator for the Climate Advocacy Lab (“the Lab”), a new collaborative space through which climate practitioners—advocates, social scientists, data experts and funders—can access and share the latest data analytics and social science resources to help engage diverse constituencies, in order to reinvigorate climate policy discussions in the United States. The Outreach Coordinator will work under the direction of the Manager of the Climate Advocacy Lab (“Manager”) to: carry out an aggressive outreach effort into the climate community, solicit feedback, and coordinate offline workshops and trainings. The Outreach Coordinator will also work under the direction of the Manager to be the lead point of contact for soliciting and reviewing new Lab content related to social science.The Outreach Coordinator will also be an active member of the larger SGTF team, helping to ensure that lessons learned from the Lab and its accompanying offline activities are incorporated into SGTF’s other work and vice versa. The position will report to the Manager.

    Primary Responsibilities include:

    Offline Lab-Related Workshops and Trainings (50% of Outreach Coordinator’s time)
    The Lab should be a living, breathing space that is constantly evolving and that creates both online and offline dialogue and shared learning. The main responsibility of the Outreach Coordinator, under the direction of the Manager, will be to plan, organize, and implement many of the offline activities associated with the Lab, including convening workshops to share best practices for climate engagement, and developing and leading trainings to explore new Lab tools or resources.

    Climate Practitioner Outreach (15% of Outreach Coordinator’s Time)
    Directly related to the Outreach Coordinator’s work to set up offline Lab-related activities, the Outreach Coordinator will also work with the Manager to solicit and coordinate feedback on the Lab from the community’s advocates, data experts and funders.

    Social Scientist Outreach & Content Development (25% of Outreach Coordinator’s Time)
    Having active participation from social science practitioners, and ensuring that social science-related content is easily understandable to the rest of the advocacy community, will be especially critical to ensuring the Lab’s overall success. Within the four areas of climate community users—advocates, social scientists, data experts and funders—the Outreach Coordinator, under the direction of the Manager, will solicit and review new content from the social scientist community, and coordinate with members of that community to ensure their active participation in the Lab.

    Other Duties as Necessary (10% of Outreach Coordinator’s Time)
    While the majority of the Outreach Coordinator’s time and attention will be focused on the above responsibilities, there will undoubtedly be other tasks necessary to ensure the success of the Climate Advocacy Lab where this position will be asked to pitch in.

    Knowledge, skills, and assets

    The ideal candidate for this position will have a keen interest in event planning and organizing within the climate community. An interest in training and educating within the climate community is also important. The candidate must embrace new and innovative ways of doing things, and be a strong communicator who can help others understand and embrace innovation. Candidates must be able to interact with and build relationships with diverse audiences within the climate community, but especially with social scientists.

    Excellent verbal and written communication skills are a must, as is attention to detail and the ability to work independently and on the road. Given the focus on organizing offline activities, frequent travel is anticipated for this position.

    The candidate must embrace the overall mission of SGTF, be an active participant in SGTF activities outside of the Lab, and be able to translate lessons learned from unrelated projects into the Lab.

    Education and Experience

    Candidates must have a minimum of five years of experience in work related to addressing climate change through public engagement, and ideally have some advocacy campaign experience. Experience in planning and running workshops and/or trainings is required, as is a high level of comfort with PowerPoint, public speaking, and managing diverse personalities and opinions in a group setting. Candidates should have at least a basic understanding of how social science research relates to public engagement around climate, and any experience researching, reviewing, or incorporating social science literature into advocacy efforts themselves is a plus. A bachelor’s degree is also required. Having extensive contacts and relationships—especially within the climate advocacy community and among social scientists—is a plus.


    This is a full-time exempt term-limited position for up to two years. Benefits include health and paid parking or a transit subsidy.


    Please send your resume and a cover letter expressing your passion for the mission and your fit for the role by February 13, 2015 to Karen Rea at Skoll Global Threats Fund is an equal opportunity employer and all qualified candidates are encouraged to apply.