Experts Identify 12 Major Epicenters of Climate-Related Risks to International Security

Today, our grantee, the Center for Climate and Security, released a report supported by the Skoll Global Threats Fund titled, Epicenters of Climate and Security: The New Geostrategic Landscape of the Anthropocene.  

Announced at the Fourth Annual Deserts Conference at Oxford University, the report presents a compelling case for why tackling these climate and security “epicenters” – major categories of climate-driven risks to international security – should be a top priority for governments and institutions around the world.

The report includes analysis of 12 significant climate and security epicenters (also presented in a video animation). These epicenters were chosen as risks to critical parts of the international nation-state system (food, water, trade, health, cities, sovereignty) that can ripple out into serious global security crises, especially if happening in tandem.

Bessma Mourad, Program Officer for our work on water, and Amy Luers, our Director of Climate Change, authored a chapter on managing systemic risks.

The report is published in partnership with The American Security Project, Carnegie Mellon University, The Planetary Security Initiative, and the Oxford University School of Geography and Environment.

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