Politics and Plagues – Retro Report

The Retro Report recently featured our Chairman Dr. Larry Brilliant as he reflects on one of the greatest triumphs in public health history: the eradication of smallpox. After 40 years and billions of dollars, however, the challenge to eradicate other diseases continues, while the risk of the next pandemic becomes more urgent.

Politics and Plagues discusses how politics and current events can challenge and complicate the already complex efforts to eradicate infectious diseases.

From the accompanying The New York Times essay:

“For his part, Dr. Brilliant emphasizes that the key to beating back an infectious disease is ‘early detection, early response.’ He utters the phrase as if it is a mantra. But in a strife-prone world, translating those words into action is as big a challenge as ever.”

The full report can be found at the link here: https://www.retroreport.org/video/politics-and-plagues/

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