NHK World Coverage of One Health Participatory Surveillance Effort


NHK, the Japanese broadcasting company, has done a nice segment for its English-language NHK World program on the Participatory One Health Disease Detection (PODD) project we helped launch earlier this month in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It gives a good sense of the mobile app at the core of the effort. Watch it below.

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Launch of One Health Disease Detection Project in Thailand


Members of our pandemics team were in Chiang Mai last week for the official launch of an innovative disease detection project. We signed an memorandum of understanding with local government leaders, Chiang Mai University and Opendream (a Thailand-based technology company) for the Participatory One Health Disease Detection (PODD) project, a first of its kind community-based surveillance system. It operationalizes the One Health concept – that human, animal and environmental health are all intimately interrelated. Since the project began in September 2014, the team has developed a mobile application for local volunteers to report sick or dead animals, changes in food prices at markets, and food borne illness. The project team has trained over 300 volunteers from throughout Chiang Mai to use the app and they have already identified an outbreak of avian influenza and several potential cases of rabies from dog bites. Below is Thai public television coverage of the PODD project, which, though in Thai, conveys a sense of the types of animal environments included under the project. The segment starts at 5:30 in the video below, with our Mark Smolinki appearing briefly at the 8:23 mark.

An Alternative Future for the National Labs


The second session in the Reinventors Network series on Reinventing Nuclear Security that we’re supporting focused on how the National Labs system, born of the nuclear age, might look different in the future. It’s an interesting conversation, including former lab workers, academics, nuclear specialists and even a sci-fi writer. You can watch a short recap of that session below.