Flu Near You Data Challenge


Since 2011, Flu Near You, a collaboration between the American Public Health Association, HealthMap of Boston Children’s Hospital, and the Skoll Global Threats Fund, has collected weekly reports of influenza-like illness symptoms from volunteers in the United States and Canada. With well over 100,000 user registrations and recently surpassing 1,000,000 total reports, we’ve shown that we really can put the public back into public health.


Now that Flu Near You has demonstrated its current value and future potential as a public health surveillance tool, we’d like to engage researchers, data scientists, statisticians, epidemiologists and others in answering a fundamental question that will guide our continued development of Flu Near You – how many volunteer reports do we need to meet our public health surveillance goals? We’ve worked with Innocentive to develop a challenge to solicit a wide variety of ideas and approaches to answering this question. We would encourage you to take a look here and share widely within your networks.