Encouraging New Ideas in the Nuclear Sphere

We, together with the Hewlett Foundation, Carnegie Corporation, MacArthur Foundation, and Ploughshares Fund, are putting in motion a new effort to bring positive disruption to the arena of nuclear security. We five funders share common goals of increasing nuclear security and decreasing risks from nuclear weapons. We believe that, to achieve these goals, we need to drive more attention to the issue and surface ideas that can gain traction in today’s crowded policy space. This new initiative is aimed at exploring ways to bring new players and new ideas into the nuclear sphere. The nuclear security community today is effective, but new ideas and partners could help us become even more effective.  Advances in sectors like data, mobile communications and technology are opening new avenues for tackling complex issues like climate, infectious disease and shared resource use. We believe cross-fertilization from these fields could lead to advances in the nuclear sphere as well. The group is looking to hire an initiative lead who’ll help design the initiative and be the driving force behind this pilot. You can read the position description and how to apply here.


Flu Near You Featured on NBC Nightly News

NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams had a segment on flu tonight, with nice props for Flu Near You.  Watch it here.

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Jeff Skoll on the Colbert Report

Jeff Skoll appeared on the Colbert Report to talk about his film work and social change.  You can watch it here.