Demanding Zero Nuclear Weapons

Global Zero has a compelling new video out using the power of celebrity to highlight the need for the elimination of nuclear weapons.  Watch it here:


Rethinking U.S. Climate Advocacy

Amy Luers, who leads our climate change work, has just published a piece in the journal Climatic Change about rethinking U.S. climate advocacy. Here’s the abstract:

The US climate movement has failed to create the political support needed to pass significant climate policy. It is time to reassess climate advocacy. To develop a strategy for philanthropy to strengthen climate engagement, I interviewed over 40 climate advocates,more than a dozen representatives from the foundation community, and a dozen academics. My assessment led me to conclude that climate advocates have focused too narrowly on specific policy goals and insufficiently on influencing the larger political landscape. I suggest four ways to improve climate advocacy: 1) Increase focus on medium and longer-term goals; 2) Start with people and not carbon; 3) Focus more on values and less on science; and 4) Evaluate what works and share what we learn. To accomplish these strategies, social scientists and advocates must work together to build a culture of learning. Meanwhile, philanthropy must empower experimentation and incentivize knowledge sharing.

You can download the PDF of the full article here.