Larry Brilliant on Regional Climate Security in South Asia

Our president, Larry Brilliant, recently gave a keynote address at the 2013 Delhi Sustainable Development Summit focused on regional climate and water challenges in South Asia. He lays out how the region is deeply interdependent due to its transboundary water flows, and how climate and water variability are likely to increase tensions. He also recommends several areas for work to reduce those tensions. Watch it below.


Water Security in Facts and Visuals

NATO Review Magazine has done a great short video (4:27) that highlights why water is an increasingly important security issue across the world.  We agree.



Outcomes of the NYS 2100 Commission

In November 2012, Governor Cuomo of New York convened the NYS 2100 Commission in response to the recent severe weather events such as Superstorm Sandy, Hurricane Irene, and Tropical Storm Lee.

The Commission was co-chaired by Judith Rodin, Rockefeller Foundation, and Felix G. Rohatyn, Special Advisor to the Chairman and CEO,Lazard Frères & Co. LLC. I was delighted to have been asked to be a commissioner.

The preliminary report focused on improving the strength and resilience of New York State’s Infrastructure. The Governor announced plans in the State of the State to implement and accelerate the development of more resilient critical infrastructure systems. The Governor will be reviewing the recommendations as part of the effort to help protect New York from future storms and natural disasters. The full report is located here.

The report highlights nine major cross-cutting recommendations relevant to multiple sectors and systems.

  • Enhance institutional coordination
  • Improve data, mapping, visualization, communication systems
  • Create new incentive programs to encourage resilient behaviors and reduce vulnerabilities
  • Expand education, job training and workforce development opportunities
  • Protect, upgrade, and strengthen existing systems
  • Rebuild smarter: ensure replacement with better options and alternatives
  • Encourage the use of green and natural infrastructure
  • Create shared equipment and resource reserves
  • Promote integrated planning and develop criteria for integrated decision-making for capital investments


Additional recommendations are categorized by different sectors: transportation, energy, land use, insurance, and infrastructure finance.