Larry Brilliant on pandemics and resilience

Skoll Global Threats Fund President Larry Brilliant spoke last week at the Rockefeller Foundation Global Centennial Initiative launch event, which included a series of speakers looking at different aspects of resilience. Larry’s comments focused specifically on pandemics, and how educating people on the true risks of a pandemic is as important to resilience as developing early warning, surveillance and point of service diagnostics are to actually managing disease outbreaks. Larry’s segment, which last about 6 minutes, starts at 17:08 in the video below.



Skoll Global Threats Fund Joins U.S. Water Partnership

On World Water Day, the Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton launched a new partnership to improve water security. The U.S. Water Partnership is a public-private partnership formed to share U.S. knowledge, leverage and mobilize resources, and facilitate cross-sector partnerships to find solutions to improve water security around the world, particularly in countries most in need. In her remarks, the Secretary stated: “We believe this Water Partnership will help map out our route to a more water secure world: a world where no one dies from water-related diseases; where water does not impede social or economic development; and where no war is ever fought over water.”

The Skoll Global Threats Fund is proud to be a founding member of the Partnership. We will be working very closely with the partners to shape an initiative that focuses on water security and transboundary water management. The recently published Global Water Security Intelligence Community Assessment by the State Department’s National Intelligence Council may provide a framework to approach about water security as a global security challenge. The Secretary called the study “a landmark document that puts water security in its rightful place as part of national security… It’s not only about water, it is about security, peace, and prosperity.”

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Video: Skoll World Forum Panel on Catastrophic Risks

Watch below the panel on catastrophic risk from the recent Skoll World Forum moderated by our president, Larry Brilliant.  It’s a far-ranging, insightful discussion of why we, as humanity, are finding it so hard to tackle the big challenges before us. Arianna Huffington of the Huffington Post, Joe Cirincione of Ploughshares Fund, Helene Gayle of CARE and Ian Goldin of the Oxford Martin School share their perspectives.